Quantum Flex (Large)

Large Quantum Flex trimmers focus on defatting and can be configured for just the right level of control and cutting depth. This trimmer uses 30- and 45-degree angle blades and cutting edge options, along with various depth gauges to customize performance across processing applications. Small Quantum Flex are durable and efficient, promoting higher yields for meat and poultry trimming. These small trimmers are superbly designed for ease of handling while reducing operator fatigue. Quantum Flex blades maintain accurate and continued sharpness throughout operation when used appropriately. With the entirely new designed quick-change housing and cam mechanism, operators can expect to get more out of their trimmer's performance. The Quantum and Quantum S Motors give you smooth, effortless operation for all meat, poultry and seafood trimming procedures
– different cuts and all
– with adaptive controls that automatically increase torque under load while dramatically reducing vibration.
• At 6’500 rpm and 3’800 rpm outputs, more productive power makes all cut/trim procedures much easier
• Advanced torque control adjusts the torque load applied to the trimmer for smoothest operation and consistent cutting power
• More operator control and safety than ever
• “Soft start” and “quick stop” rotating blades, along with dropout protection
• Ultra-durable, water-resistant design

Suitable Application

Pork Processing: Pork fillet removal, tonsil removal, dressing, stick wound removal. Pork Further Processing: Removal of skin patches from bellies and defatting whole hams and pork loins. Poultry Processing: Turkey breast, turkey necks, carcass cleaning, turkey thighs and oil sacks, chicken wing drop, chicken thigh deboning, and turkey thigh/knuckle deboning. Fish Processing: Remove dark meat, long slicing, salmon D-slicing. Beef Slaughter: Defatting hot beef externally and internally, kidney fat, heart fat, and pelvic fat. Beef Processing: Carcass hair and dirt removal, defatting rounds/rib eyes/New York strips/sirloins.

Available Machines

3 different Quantum Flex sizes; Small, Mid-Size and Large


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